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  • Strength through diversity – this is a character trait that Commerz Real can claim in several respects.”

    Dr. Andreas Muschter, CEO of Commerz Real AG

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    Commerz Real offers you a wide range of services and products. To this end, our company combines intense expertise in portfolio and asset management with comprehensive financing and structuring know-how.

Building Real Values

Making tangibles available for capital investment is one thing, financing them the right way quite another. Commerz Real lets you do both. The secret to our competence is our comprehensive investment and structuring expertise: We have a track record of several decades in designing and managing sustainably sound investment products, aspirational construction projects, and tailored financing solutions. The subsequent pages will show a selection of our services and products. Our asset spectrum across products ranges from office buildings, shopping centres, and hotels, to logistics and infrastructure facilities, and all the way to renewable energies, aircraft, and production plants.

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Open-Ended Real Estate Fund

Since 1972, Commerz Real has been successfully established in the investment segment of open-ended real estate funds with its hausInvest brand.

The portfolio of the hausInvest open-ended real estate fund includes altogether 16 shopping centres. With a view to the favourable experience we have made with retail assets, we intend to keep expanding their share beyond the current 30 percent. In terms of use types, the fund with its portfolio of over 100 properties today focuses on modern office buildings in prime locations of economically thriving cities such as Frankfurt am Main, Paris, London, or Warsaw. These assets account for nearly 60 percent of the portfolio.

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Company Profile

Strength through diversity – this is a characteristic to which Commerz Real can lay claim in many senses. Our company profile is intended to provide you with an initial overview of our wide range of services.