Privacy Statement

Commerz Real AG takes the protection of your personal data very serious, and abides strictly by the applicable privacy regulations. Personal data are polled on these Internet pages only to the extent technically required. In no case are the polled data forwarded to any third party without your consent. The statement below gives you an overview of the type of data that Commerz Real AG collects during your visit of its Internet pages, of the purpose for which they are collected, and of the ways in which they are exploited.

Data Processing on these Internet Pages

Each time you access the Internet pages of Commerz Real AG, information that your browser communicates is automatically and temporarily saved. The information saved in the log file that is created to this end includes browser type and version, operating system used, name and URL of the retrieved file, referrer URL (the web page from which the user was redirected to these Internet pages), the data quantity transmitted, the host name of the accessing computer (IP address), as well as date and time of the server query. The information logged does not permit inference of a specific individual. The data are not pooled with other data sources, and are moreover deleted after their statistic evaluation. Saving and processing these data serves exclusively the purposes of system security and optimisation of the Internet presentation.


In several instances, these Internet pages use so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files deposited on your computer and saved by your browser. Their purpose is to determine the usage frequency of, and number of visitors to, these Internet pages, and thus help to enhance the user-friendliness and efficiency of this Internet presentation. Temporary, so-called “session cookies” are saved exclusively for the duration of your visit of these Internet pages, and are automatically deleted thereafter, though “permanent cookies” may also be used. The content of a permanent cookie is limited to an identification number designed to capture information about users who keep returning to a given Internet page, and thus to recognise those users and offer them an optimised user guidance, where applicable. Cookies cause no harm to your computer, and contain no malware. You can prevent the saving of cookies by selecting the relevant settings in your browser. If you decide not to accept cookies, this may limit the functionality of certain Internet pages.

Entry of Personal Data / Newsletter

Entering personal or commercial data (name, address, e-mail address), for instance in the context of contact forms or registrations, is entirely voluntary on the part of the user. Commerz Real AG saves, processes, and uses data only to the extent necessary to provide the offered service. Afterwards, the data are deleted. Inasmuch as your query regards the activities of a member company or equity investment company of Commerz Real AG or a company it runs under an agency contract, and inasmuch as these data are required for an efficient processing of your query, your data may be forwarded to the respective company.

If you wish to receive a newsletter that may be offered on the Internet pages, we need your e-mail address at the least. Additional data are voluntary, and where provided will be used to address you in person. You may revoke your consent to have your data stored and used to mail the newsletter by cancelling your subscription of the newsletter. Once you have done so, your data will be deleted.

The use of your data for advertising purposes is ruled out. The offered services may, wherever technically feasible and reasonable, be used even without the submission of such data or by submitting an alias or anonymous data. By submitting your data you consent to their storage and use in compliance with this Data Protection Statement.

Competent authority
The competent authority within the meaning of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) is:

Commerz Real AG

Helfmann-Park 5
D-65760 Eschborn

Right to Demand Information

You have the right to demand information as to which of your personal data we store, their source and recipient, as well as to the purpose of their storage. You may demand at any time that your data be corrected, blocked, or deleted. For information on stored data, and in order to have your data corrected, blocked or deleted, please contact the Data Protection Officer of Commerz Real AG:datenschutzbeauftragter(at)


Commerz Real AG offers no warranty regarding the security of the data transmission via the Internet. E-mail messages are not encrypted. Therefore, interception by third parties cannot be ruled out. Accordingly, we recommend that confidential information be sent exclusively via postal mail.

Disable tracking services

At the moment, the following tracking services are employed: WebTrekk for on-site tracking

Disable WebTrekk

Adform for off-site and campaign tracking

Disable Adform

On-site Tracking using WebTrekk

WebTrekk is used for on-site tracking. For more details about WebTrekk, go to:

About WebTrekk

In Germany, where WebTrekk has its principal place of business, personal data must not be processed without the user's consent (Article 2, German Information and Communication Services Act (IuKDG). The protection of internet user data has chief priority for WebTrekk. The company therefore adheres strictly to the data protection laws of the European Union and Germany. Internet user data are captured through a pixel that it built into all pages of our website.

No Data to Third Parties

WebTrekk does not forward any data to third parties.

IP Addresses

Every internet query is accompanied by the respective IP address to tell the server where to send replies. Internet users are given an internet address by their internet service provider (ISP) as soon as they access the internet. The ISP knows which IP address was used when and by which internet user. The ISP is legally obliged to save this information. WebTrekk does not save IP addresses. WebTrekk immediately truncates the IP address for the purpose of session detection and the geographic analysis by the WebTrekk tool. Afterwards, WebTrekk deletes the IP address. It is impossible to match the data with individual persons and to identify these individuals. Geographic analyses use a database that contains the IP address information of various ISPs sharing the geographic location of the IP address down to the city level. The addresses of the individual internet users are not known. 


Cookies are small text files that the browser of an internet user saves on the hard disk of an internet user whenever the user visits a new website. Most WebTrekk cookies represent so-called “session cookies.” These cookies will not harm the hard disk of the internet user, and contain no viruses. The data cannot be matched with any single user. WebTrekk uses the following cookies:

  • Last click (used for the session timeout; expires after session)
  • Session cookie (used for session detection; expires after session)
  • Ever cookie (used for the recognition of new and returning visitors; expires after 6 months)

Use your browser setting to define which cookies to allow or block, as the case may be.

Data Retention Disclaimer

Pursuant to Art. 15, German Telemedia Act (TMG), internet users may prohibit the future tracking and retention of data of their internet visits. If you wish to disable the tracking function while visiting the hausInvest website, you may place a cookie called webtrekkOptOut available from the domain Tracking will be disabled until the Webtrekk-OptOut cookie is deleted again.

If you wish to disable future tracking of your activities on this website, please click here:

Disable tracking

The following data will be captured:

  • Query (file name of the requested file)
  • Browser type and version (e.g. Mozilla Firefox 33.0, Internet Explorer 10, etc.)
  • Browser language (e.g. English)
  • Operating system
  • Browser resolution
  • Screen resolution
  • JavaScript enabled: “yes” or “no”
  • Java: “on” or “off”
  • Cookies: “on” or “off”
  • Colour depth
  • Referrer URL
  • Truncated IP address for geographic analyses down to the city level
  • Timestamp
  • Clicks
  • E-commerce data such as order value, products, quantity, etc.
  • Contents of forms: text boxes for name, e-mail address, account number, and phone number are captured as “populated” or “blank.” The actual entries are not captured