Money Laundering / Compliance

Please help us combat white-collar crime!


Every other German company is threatened by economic crime. Just recently, a number of cases became public knowledge.

Commerz Real Group has put in place comprehensive safeguards to protect clients and employees from fraudulent activities, and to keep products and processes from being misused for fraudulent activities or economic crime.

Through our Corporate Governance, we have pledged ourselves to integrity in our interaction with each other and with our clients. We therefore have a strict cross-divisional commitment to prevent fraud before it even occurs. This means for us to be receptive for information and to give clients, employees, and third parties the opportunity to draw our attention to possibly fraudulent intent.

Online Notifications

Investigations have shown that third-party tips can often contribute to the detection of economic crime. Commerz Real Group, too, has for years relied on proven channels and contact option, e.g. via the Compliance or Internal Audit departments. In addition, we – like our parent company, Commerzbank AG – set up a system that clients, employees, and third parties may use any time to notify us online of suspected economic crime. To this end, we use the Internet-based Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS).

Anyone wishing to use the system to notify us of suspicious activity has the option to submit the information anonymously. However, since we strive for open communication with clients, staff, and third parties, we would like to encourage you to state your name when notifying us. Also, please be sure to create a mail box within the system so we can contact you in case we have questions. We will in any case treat your information strictly confidentially.

The sole purpose of the system is to uncover economically criminal activities within our company. Misusing the system for other purposes may qualify as a criminal act.

Naturally, there is also the option to contact the Compliance Office and the Internal Audit department or any other contact you trust directly.

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