• Equipment Leasing

    Given the experience and commitment of our leasing specialists, we are sure to find the optimal leasing solution for your company, too.

Commerz Real Mobilienleasing: Financing partner for the Mittelstand

We are experts when it comes to equipment leasing. For more than 40 years now we have served our clients from the Mittelstand with vendor-independent, asset-based financing solutions.

Our core competence lies in the design of leasing concepts for machinery and plant, as well as equipment and commercial vehicles of all kinds, and thus for the entire mobile capital equipment of the Mittelstand. 

In this respect our clients can expect customized solutions that never lose sight of the classical leasing benefits:

  • Balance-sheet neutrality
  • Optimisation of financing costs
  • Flexibility with leasing payments 

Furthermore, we are always available to discuss special topics, such as US-GAAP/IFRS structuring, cross-border leasing, big-ticket equipment, intangible assets, contracting, as well as integrated real estate and equipment projects. 

In total we have some 4 billion euros in assets under management.

Machine and Plant Leasing

You are planning on renewing your machinery or your production plant? Our team has many years’ experience in the goal-oriented accompanying of such projects. In this respect we take into account your balance sheet, fiscal and financial wishes.


You have already made your investment, or would like to utilise the conditions negotiated with your supplier? Sell us your plant and lease it right back at attractive conditions.

Instalment Purchase

If you would like to capitalise your investment yourself on the basis of state subsidies, or are looking for additional financing independently of depreciation and deadlines, our instalment purchase model offers this possibility.

Factoring / Contracting

Your are looking for a way to finance equipment that you will make available and which can no longer be leased because it will be installed with a third party? If so, here is our solution: We will buy the cash flows generated by the equipment. 

Special contractual models:

  • Purchase option agreement
  • Operate lease
  • Synthetic lease
  • Other equipment, fleet management, IT investments
  • and much more.

We provide you with suitable offerings. 

Given the experience and commitment of our leasing specialists, we are sure to find the optimal leasing solution for your company, too.

You have clear benefits with movables leasing

  • Attractive alternative to the classical investment loan as the collateral value of the movable has a favourable impact on the risk evaluation and pricing.
  • Conserves equity capital so that this may be used for other strategically important investment objectives.
  • Improvement in or safeguarding of balance sheet ratios and thus the creditworthiness rating.
  • Optimisation of the earnings tax situation as leasing instalments may be offset against tax in full.
  • Timely participation in technological progress through exchange of leasing assets with end of contract.
  • The inclusion of favourable subsidies and grants (KfW, EIB etc.) is also possible with leasing.

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