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  • Since 1972. Positive year after year.

    Since 1972, Commerz Real has been successfully established in the investment segment of German open-ended real estate funds with its hausInvest brand.

hausInvest – the perfect bed-rock investment for any portfolio.

The portfolio of the hausInvest open-ended real estate fund includes a total of 20 shopping centres. With a view to the favourable experience we have made with retail assets, we intend to keep expanding their share beyond the current 30 percent. In terms of use types, the fund with its currently about 100 properties focuses on modern office buildings in prime locations of economically sound cities such as Frankfurt am Main, Paris, London, or Warsaw. These assets account about 50 percent of the portfolio. The real estate inventory of hausInvest is complemented by attractive tourist and business hotels of several price categories as well as logistics centres close to international transportation hubs, such as Frankfurt International Airport. In addition to leading European markets, hausInvest is also committed in selected locations in Asia.

Since 1972, Commerz Real has been established in the investment segment of open-ended real estate funds with its hausInvest brand. Over time, hausInvest evolved from a small-scale investment fund into one the largest open-ended real estate funds for private investors anywhere.

Today, the fund volume amounts to more than 10 billion euros. With their commitment in this fund, around 650,000 satisfied investors rely on hausInvest as a sustainably sound basic investment. Since its launch over 40 years ago, the fund has always yielded a positive return on investment.*

And there is a very real chance that it will continue to do so, what with the new regulatory parameters: The new German Capital Investment Act (KAGB) that entered into force on 22 July 2013 represents a clear commitment to the vehicle of open-ended real estate funds. The provisions of the new law bolster the key characteristics of the product class. Its requirements for the redemption of fund shares contributes to a higher stability of such funds. At the same time, fund shares remain principally redeemable on any trading day, if subject to a two-year minimum holding period and the twelve-month notice period.

Thus, German open-ended funds (GEOFs) like hausInvest will continue to represent a lucrative investment alternative, especially in times of low interest rates and pronounced market uncertainties. It is arguably a good idea to keep a low-volatility real estate share in every well-structured client portfolio. This, in turn is achieved only with a well-balanced, widely diversified portfolio like that of hausInvest. Its investors commit themselves in tangibles that tend to return a solid and generally inflation-hedged income in combination with low exposure.

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